SmallMenu 3.21

Task and menu manager in one useful application

SmallMenu is a Pocket PC program which integrate task manager and cascading program launcher. You can execute, switch, and close programs with SmallMenu. Executing SmallMenu will bring up an integrated menu which contains a task list with icons and cascading program menus. When assigning SmallMenu to a hardware button, for example, to record button, you can push the button to pop up SmallMenu and choose the desired program/task by rocking up/down the action control.

Remarkable features of this software include:

  • Compact, fast and light
  • Shows task and program icons including Pocket Outlook icons missing in other task managers
  • Non stylus operations. Executing, switching, and closing programs can be accomplished when the program is assigned to a hardware button
  • Cascading program menus
  • Easy custom program launch menu configuration
  • Battery status can be displayed on the Navigation bar (except Pocket PC 2000)
  • Easy battery monitor icon configuration (except Pocket PC 2000)

Easy one-handed task management operation can be achieved with the Action Control of your Pocket PC.

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SmallMenu 3.21

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